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The Bazaruto Archipelago (listed as a National Parc) is heaven on earth... It comprises of 5 islands : In Bazaruto, you can climb the amazing Ponta Dondo dune ; in Benguerra and Magaruque you will admire the beauty of the turquoise blue water intertwined with white sandbanks ; Bangue is a large white sandbar where you will find yourself alone with Nature and birds ; And finally, further away (but easily reachable from Inhassoro located 70 km north of Vilanculos), Santa Carolina, a real piece of paradise which we definitely fell in love with. The sea is a gigantic aquarium, densely populated with giant tortoises, whale sharks, manta rays and colourful fish, all swimming in symbiosis. In the bay, you can find a great number of dolphins which will be pleased to escort you to the islands, and if you are lucky, you might even see the extremely rare Dugong. Whether you are a beginner or an expert diver, a snorkler, or even a beach lover, or if you are simply seeking for breathtaking landscapes, there are different certified tour operators which can offer all kinds of excursions:
Bazaruto Incoming Agency
On the long beach which runs alongside the city of Vilanculos, you can take a dip, a nice walk or cradled by the sound of crashing waves. For those who prefer a bit of excitement and strong sensations, you might try kitesurfing Kitesurfing Center all levels are welcome and the equipment is provided) or horseback riding. There are fantastic pony treks to do on the beach, 

along the water or in the dunes Mozambique Horse Safaris .
  Beyond the Bazaruto Archipelago, the abundance and variety of sealife encourage the amateurs for a miraculous and spectacular big-game fishing (please do not hesitate to ask us for further information). Vilanculos is a typical African city which spreads over 4 kilometers. You can quietly wander about, or visit the central market where you will find fruits, vegetables, fish, local crafts and fashion design Capulana, a multicoloured coton gown called « Boubou ». Another way to visit the city is to follow Pedro in a guided tour: he will take you to the market, the school, the church, the orphanage...(please do not hesitate to ask us for further information).).
Practical information:
There are 3 banks (Barclays, BCI and BIM & 3 ATM's with certified Visa and Mastercards), a hospital and a chemist's but it is strongly advised to bring a first aid kit with your own medicines, preventive treatment against Malaria, a very good mosquito reppellent, and efficient sunscreen and after sun lotions!
- The city of Vilanculos is served by 2 different airlines flying from and to Johannesburg: LAM & FEDERAL AIR .
- A coach company in Vilanculos runs to Maputo and Beira (reservations to be made on spot exclusively the day before departure).
- Visa can be supplied at the airport but is a lot cheaper if you get it from the Mozambique's Embassy located in your country.

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